Why partner with us

Why partner with us

Why choosing Mainline as your distributor is a good decision for your business

Mainline are a distributor you can trust to deliver for you

Choosing Mainline as your distributor means you are partnering with the leading distributor who provides you with the ability to sell the best Networks, surrounds you with a team of experts and gives you all the tools to grow your EE and BT revenues.

Constantly evolving

The team pride themselves on continuous development, taking feedback on areas for improvement, targeting where we see gaps and constantly checking to address any issues before they become problems. If you do have a query, we make it easy for you to contact us directly and give you the ability to track your query on iManage.

We also conduct a regular satisfaction survey and we have referenced some of the results on this web site. It is important to us to gain this feedback as it directly influences our evolution.

Continuous learning

You have access to the brilliant Knowledge Hub that provides an easily accessible and a logical flow of knowledge, from the basics of end to end order placement to product and pricing knowledge.

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Effective communication

This market is fast moving, and it is therefore essential to stay on top of the latest developments, products and launches. There is a fine balance between overloading you with too many communication tools and missing key information.

Mainline believe we have this balance right by providing you with a suite of methods which enable you to select exactly what is right for you.

We pride ourselves on providing a high level of support

Our partners appreciate the support we provide and rate us highly

Approachable people with great knowledge of the industry

Approachable people with great knowledge of the industry

The support team get very highoverall Satisfaction

The support team get very high overall satisfaction

Our partners rated Mainline highly on how we keep them informed

Our partners rated Mainline highly on how we keep them informed

“The support team are super quick at responding and give me the answers and information that I need in good time. This allows me to return to my customer quickly and efficiently, creating an overall excellent impression.”
Jane Turner, Elitetele.com Mobile Ltd

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